Nazra Quran Syllabus & Time Table Download pdf by SED Punjab

A notification has been issued regarding Holy Quran Syllabus 2022 for Class-1 To Class-12 by Punjab Curriculum & TextBook Board. The Punjab Govt has taken the initiative of implementation the Nazrah of Holy Quran and also as a separate subject in the syllabus of Schools and Colleges.

Syllabus of Holy Quran Curriculum 2022 Details

No. M-49-03/PCTB/2021: In exercise of powers conferred under Section 9(3)(c) of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Act-2015 and in pursuance of the Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act-2018 (Act XVII of 2018) and as per approval of the Board in its 87th meeting dated 07.10.2021, the Competent Authority, Punjab Curriculum, and Textbook Board, Lahore hereby notified the Curriculum of the teaching of Naazrah Quran for Grades I-V and Translation of the Holy Quran for Grades VI-XII as a separate compulsory subject for implementation in all educational institutions (Public Sector, Private Sector, and Deeni Madaris) in Punjab.

Distribution of Paras for Nazra Quran in Each Class

Qurani Qaeda and the last four Surah of the Holy Quran for the first class is necessary. 

  1. Parahs 1 & 2 for Second Class
  2. Parahs 3 to 8 for three class
  3. Parahs 9 to 18 for fourth class
  4. 18 to 30 parahs for the fifth class are necessary.
  5. Parahs 1 & 2 of Holy Quran with Urdu translation for sixth class.
  6. Parahs 3 to 5 for seventh class with Urdu translation
  7. Parahs 6 to 9 with Urdu translation for eighth class.
  8. Parahs 10 to 16 with Urdu translation for ninth Class
  9. Parahs 17 to 23 with translation for tenth class
  10. parahs 24 to 30 with translation for the Eleventh class is necessary.

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