Preparation of Personal Files of Supervisory Officers and Officials on HRMIS

A notification has been issued on 16th August 2021 in connection with the Deadline For Personal Files For SED HRMIS 2021 DPI by the Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab. The further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Deadline For Personal Files For SED HRMIS 2021

Your personal and immediate attention is invited to the letters issued by the undersigned through Preparation of Personal Files of Officers and Officials No. 506/Admn-A-4 dated 21.01.2021.

Through the above-referred letter, it was directed to complete the personal files of all supervisory staff officers, officials, and class-IV employees and to provide the data to the HRMIS team for scanning the personal files.

The action on the direction is still awaited from your end. It is already in your notice that through several modules matters of teaching cadre are being disposed of through digitalize system, but due to not providing the data / personal files of officers and officials to the HRMIS team the matter to the said category is pending.

You are therefore directed that without further loss of time personal files of all supervisory officers and officials may be provided to the HRMIS team till 31.08.2021 without fail.

A certificate regarding compliance for the provision of requisite personal files that have been provided to the HRMIS team may also be provided to the undersigned by 5lh September. A copy of check list of documents is also enclosed.

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