A notification has been issued on 13th August 2021 in connection with clarification of the Grant of 25% Special Allowance 2021. Further detail is as under;

List of Expemted Employees

  • Fixed Antl-Corruption Allowance
  • CM’s Secretariat Allowance
  • Governor’s House / Secretariat Allowance
  • Design Allowanco
  • Architecture and town planners (Staff of 13rIdges of Directorate undor G&Wnil
  • Nan-Practicing (Archictecture Working In Design Officer) of Architect
  • Departmant / C&W Dopartmont)
  • Sessional Allowance (Law Dopartmont)
  • Training Allowance (All °Moors of MPDD Involved In training)
  • Spacial Allowance (Qualified Paramedic of Punjab kmorgency and Ambulance SorvIco)
  • Special Allowance (Directorrito General of I )O, Protocol)
  • Special Aliowance (Office of Prosocutor Goneral, PunjabPunjabrind District Setup)
  • Spacial Allowance (District AttornyDI )A ADA)
  • Prisons Allowance (Officors and Officials of Pilsen Doerstalent)
  • Special Allowance (Staff of Highways Pinioning Post)
  • South Punjab Secretariat Allowanco
  • Police AdmInistrativo Allowanco
  • Spoclal Allowanco-2000 Officors / Officials of thicretarial
  • Civil Secretariat Allowance
  • Utility Allowance) (Offlcors and Officials of t.;ecretroilit I )orsirtmentrSuperior Executive Allowance
  • Executive Allowance
  • Technical Allowance / Special Nr)(jInt)erlag Allowance
  • Technical Allowance TochnIcal Stall of Drug lesting I atm in I ‘isijal)
  • Health Profauslonal Allowance
  • Nursing Professional Allowance
  • Dross Allowance to Nurses
  • Mess Allowance to Nurses
  • Health Sector Reforms Allowance / Practice Compensatory Allowance 28, Anesthesia Allowance
  • Special Healthcare Allowance
  • Non practicing Allowance to Doctors
  • Teaching Allowance to Doctors
  • Judicial Allowance to Members of LHC Establishment & District Judiciary
  • Special Judicial Allowance to Employees of establishment of Lahore High Court registries & District Judiciary
  • Project / Incentive Allowance
  • Special Re-Allocation Allowance
  • Public Service Commission Allowance
  • High Security Risk Allowance
  • CTD Allowance
  • Special Education Allowance
  • Police Law and Order Allowance
  • Solicitors Allowance
  • Disturbance Allowance
  • Utility Allowance LHC Establishment & District Judiciary
  1. Special Allowance (Non Academic Staff of MPDD)
  2. Explosive handling allowance (Bomb Disposal Commanders / Technician of Civil Defence)
  3. Special Allowance (officers / official of Directorate of Reclamation an Probation (Home Department)

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