Reshuffle / Transfer of Ministerial Cadre Posts/AEOs 2021

A notification has been issued on 23rd June 2021 in connection with Reshuffle/Transfer/Postings of Ministerial Cadre Posts/AEOs 2021 by School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab. The further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Transfer/Posting & Reshuffling of Ministerial Posts 2021

I am directed to refer to this department’s earlier letter of even number, dated 21″ January 2020, and subsequent letter of even number dated 22 January 2020 on the subject cited above and to state that as per Sr. No. 08 of Transfer Policy 2013/ amended E-Transfer Policy 2020, the ministerial staff will have 03 years tenure of service at one office station. However, it has been observed that policy instructions are not being observed in letter & spirit.

In view of the above, the competent Authority has desired that AEOs who have completed 03 years tenure in one station may be reshuffled/ transferred/ adjusted at some other station preferably in Markaz of some other Tehsil of the District, CEO (DEA) will be authorized for making within district transfers/postings of AEOs as per Business Rules 2011.

The competent authority has further desired that the transferring authorities ie. CEO (DEAs) shall ensure suitability/ qualification/ competence/ tenure/seniority and experience before reshuffle/ transfer / posting officers to improve functioning of this department.

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