Here you can download the District-wise Final list of Insaf After Noon Schools issued by Govt. the Punjab School Education Department. Here is the list of Proposed Schools and also the final list which is being uploading. Now you can download a list of proposed schools and also the Final List of Insaf Afternoon Schools verified by concerned District Education Authorities.


If you have any Final List of Insaaf After School of your or any District, please send us at so that we may publish here for the help of our Teachers.

Sr.DistrictPrimary to ElementaryElementary to HighDownload Final List Here
1ATTOCKDownloadDownload Downoad Here
2BAHAWALNAGARDownloadDownload Download Here
3BAHAWALPURDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
4BHAKKARDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
5CHAKWALDownloadDownload Download Here
6CHINIOTDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
7D.G. KHANDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
8FAISALABADDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
9GUJRANWALADownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
10GUJRATDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
11HAFIZABADDownloadDownload Download Here
12JHANGDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
13JHELUMDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
14KASURDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
15KHANEWALDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
16KHUSHABDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
17LAHOREDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
18LAYYAHDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
19LODHRANDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
20M.B.DINDownloadDownload Download Here
21MIANWALIDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
22MULTANDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
23MUZAFFARGARHDownloadDownload Download Here
24NANKANA SAHIBDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
25NAROWALDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
26OKARADownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
27PAKPATTANDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
28RAHIMYAR KHANDownloadDownloadDownload Here
29RAJANPURDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
30RAWALPINDIDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
31SAHIWALDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
32SARGODHADownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
33SHEIKHUPURADownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
34SIALKOTDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
35T.T.SINGHDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon
36VEHARIDownloadDownload Uploaded Soon


  1. Apply sirf unko krwaya gya yaha jin k schools mn phly se relatives oresent thy baqio ko yh kh k taaal diya gya k sir ki cal ai hai yhi log final hain aur nh rakh skty hum….

    1. Jis skol mn b seat khli hn un mn apny tmam dacument submit kra dain ap ka merit bny ga phr ap ko interview k liye call ki jy gi merit k hisab se jo b howa usy rakhain gy

  2. Government Girls Elementary School Samijabad No 1 is really needed to upgrade as there is a huge population around the school.
    Specially after noon is really the need of community. Even above 100 students are wating for upgrading.
    Plzzzz issue a notification for the cause of community. They will disappointed. If notification will not issue

  3. Why goverment girls primay school nakka khurd is not upgraded. Name of this school is not mentioned in the attock primary to middle school list.

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